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Made popular in South Korea and Japan, Healing Spa Hair Treatment is finally available in New York!

The Healing Spa Hair Treatment revitalizes and nourishes your damaged and extremely dry and brittle hair back to its health, by allowing the hair follicles to absorb the amino acids and keratin (which are basic components that make up healthy hair), and then locking these nutrients in by sealing the hair follicles back gently.

While the treatment is applied and processed through heat with a special patented hair iron on wet hair, unlike current hair straightening, perming or styling procedures, it prevents the hair from getting damaged by heat. The secret is in the patented iron that consistently keeps a neutral temperature where hair is protected from direct and extreme heat exposures that damage the hair. Also, the special patented hair iron used for the treatment produces far-infrared lights and negative ions, which help smoothen the hair follicles, while preventing from further hair damage.


As oppose to widely existing oil-based treatments that feels heavy and weigh down the hair, the Healing Spa Hair Treatment provides a light, soft and airy feel, making your hair feel naturally moisturized.

Color it, perm it, or straighten it
without ever damaging your hair.

The treatment also provides moisture to the hair (preventing hair from drying, getting damaged, and protecting the hair protein in it's natural and original state), which allows hair to be easily styled as desired (by straightening, perming, coloring, etc) multiple times without further damaging the hair.