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The skin care solution recommended by
doctors and dermatologists around the world!

Experience the future
of skin care today.

All previous products and methods fail to transport active ingredients deeply into the appropriate skin layers to successfully provide continuous and intensive care where it's needed most. The Medical Beauty Concept by bdr® from Germany has managed to overcome this barrier. The German research team have created a completely new series of biotechnological Dermacare products. Innovative emulsion technology combines the most valuable natural substances with micro molecular optimized essences. The result is a combination of modern paramedical equipment technology and dermaceutical active substance serums that turn dreams into reality: Reversive skin aging! Turn back the clock.

Although with our skin care solution, any skin condition - even sensitive or allergy-prone skin - can be treated regardless of age, it's particularly recommended for the following skin conditions:

  • dehydrated, dry skin and skin in need of regeneration
  • sun damaged, calloused skin
  • sensitive and immune compromised skin
  • impure, oily or acne skin (also mature acne)
  • scars and wrinkles
  • weak tissue
  • age-controlling care

Stimulation TreatmentDuration: 90min.

Stimulation Treatment

This ideal bdr starter treatment fortifies your skin and stimulates a uplifting boost to tired, low-energy skin prone to fine wrinkles. This massage experience, in connection with intensive serum promises a radiant complexion.

Age RepairDuration: 120min.

Age Repair

Treasure your skin feeling visibly smoother, balanced and toned after this sublime treatment. Skin functions are reactivated, cell division is stimulated and accelerated. For long term success, a series of treatment is highly recommended.

Age Control Anti-Wrinkle TreatmentDuration: 45min.

Age Control Anti-Wrinkle Treatment

Sensational rejuvenation results with long lasting effects on defined wrinkled areas. Ask your consultant for before and after pictures. Treatment suitable for all skin types.

Vital PowerDuration: 60min.

Vital Power

Invigorate your sun and/or sports compromised, dehydrated skin! A intense increase of epidermal moisture, maintains a relaxed, smooth and refreshed skin sensation. A flawless make-up base for a continuously well-balanced look. Perfect for all events!

Calming-light TreatmentDuration: 60min.

Calming-light Treatment

First aid relief for stressed, nervous, aggravated and allergy-prone skin. Instantaneously, the skin is visibly regenerated and soothed. All repair mechanisms are activated and the skin's immune system is stimulated.

Indulge TreatmentDuration: 60min.

Indulge Treatment

One hour of pure bliss for body and soul. Special massage techniques in combination with bdr active ingredience serum ensures deep relaxation and a luminous complexion.

Acne Treatment ADuration: 80min.

Acne Treatment A

A special treatment for anyone with problemed skin. The Calming Light applied during treatment is proven to suppress the development of acne bacteria. Acne Treatment A, in combination with the mild fruit acids and sebum normalizing products from the Pure Harmony series, promotes a fine, and balanced complexion. In addition to regular bdr professional dermacare treatment, we recommend continuous home care with bdr Pure Harmony series for fast, visible and lasting results.

Acne Treatment BDuration: 45min.

Acne Treatment B

An active treatment for oily, greasy or acne-prone skin. Each treatment allows the skin to appear more matte and alm with refined pores. The innovative Calming Light and the dermacare active serum ensure prolonged success.

Acne Treatment CDuration: 20min.

Acne Treatment C

Jump StartDuration: 45min.

Jump Start

Astounding results in no time. Treat yourself to 45 minutes of rapid renewal during your lunch break and feel dynamically recharged and fit. Deep relaxation resulting in a immediate blush of vitality and freshness for men and women.

Brilliant InsightsDuration: 30min. ~ 45min.

Brilliant Insights

A quick treatment for refreshed looking eyes. Recommended for all those with a demanding schedule, longing for that relaxed, rested and fresh look. bdr's instant Event Eye treatment with long lasting effects.

Corrective TreatmentDuration: 45min.

Corrective Treatment

Selective and intensive correction for partial skin problems (eg, acne, scars, facial and neck wrinkles). Ask your consultant for bdr dermaceutical regeneration for individual options!

Fruit Acid TreatmentDuration: 30min. ~ 60min.

Fruit Acid Treatment

Rosy and smooth skin are the result of this treatment. Rough, flaky skin, blackheads and minor irregularities are visibly improved.

Power Breaks for MenDuration: 45min.

Power Breaks for Men

Rapid and effective treatment for a healthy and well-groomed first impression. Provides the ideal appearance at important meetings or business events, or simply for a relaxed evening after a long and busy day. Recommended for fatigued, low energy skin prone to fine wrinkles.

Dynamic-ManDuration: 90min.


The Complete-Carefree-Package for a immaculate, dynamic and successful appearance: bdr Men's Intensive Treatment with long lasting effects. Includes a manicure warranting an impressive hand at business.